#35: Kiki Adami Is After Your Meat

Kiki Adami is an entrepreneur, restaurant consultant, and founder of Veganizer, a company that veganizes restaurants all over NYC and the world. We talk about the controversy surrounding her involvement in the fall of her paleo restaurant Gustorganics, the ensuing (no pun intended) lawsuit, how vengeance ultimately led her to create Veganizers, and much more. … More #35: Kiki Adami Is After Your Meat

#34: Increase Your Milage Injury-Free

Welcome to another SOLO-SODE! I talk through the steps of how to increase your mileage safely, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned runner. I also give some tips on other ways to prevent injury. Listen on Apple Podcasts ¦ Google Play ¦ Libsyn Thanks for listening!! :) Intro/outro music by Ellis Delta: soundcloud.com/ellisdelta Follow me on Instagram: @runningvegannyc Tweet at … More #34: Increase Your Milage Injury-Free

#31: Crystal Pang Can Find Vegan Food Anywhere (@veganeatsnyc)

This week we have NYC’s biggest and baddest vegan foodie: Crystal Pang, aka Vegan Eats NYC. She’s a Queens native, NYU student, and magician; she can find vegan food at the most unlikely locations. We chat about growing up in Queens, her Singaporean background, finding vegetarianism as a prepubescent girl, her cooking failures, and more. Listen … More #31: Crystal Pang Can Find Vegan Food Anywhere (@veganeatsnyc)

#30: What Is Recovery?

Everyone talks about recovery, but what is it exactly? In this episode I discuss the definition of recovery, tips on how to recover faster, and what NOT to do for optimal recovery. I also get into my own mistakes/shortcomings when it comes to recovery. You can listen on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/running-vegan-nyc or on my Libsyn feed: … More #30: What Is Recovery?

#28: Getting Too Comfortable

I get some stuff off my chest this week. I chat about how I’ve been getting too comfortable in the vegan community, and why that can be dangerous. I also rant about coconut. Lol. Enjoy! You can listen on my Libsyn feed: runningveganradio.libsyn.com/28-getting-too-comfortable Intro/outro music by Ellis Delta: soundcloud.com/ellisdelta SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES SUBSCRIBE ON GOOGLE PLAY … More #28: Getting Too Comfortable

#27: Musician-turned-Culinarian @Vegicano (Rudy Ramos)

This week’s special guest is the man behind everyone’s favorite tacos & tortas. You may know him as Vegicano, but did you know he was also a touring blues musician?? After years of touring under the name Brownbird Rudy Relic, he recently decided to change careers to focus on food. He now goes by Vegicano, … More #27: Musician-turned-Culinarian @Vegicano (Rudy Ramos)

#26: Gluten-free & soy-free chef Erica Graff

Today’s guest is Erica, an aspiring chef living with celiac disease and hypothyroidism.

We chat about her experience in Catholic school, restrictive eating, why she’s no longer vegan, celiac disease, and more.

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ERICA’S IG: @sugardove … More #26: Gluten-free & soy-free chef Erica Graff