Your Vegan Ramen Isn’t Vegan

A few weeks, ago, I had an idea to eat & rank NYC’s best veggie ramen. That’s when I discovered the depressing truth about ramen. … More Your Vegan Ramen Isn’t Vegan


Belize Vegan Eats

Veganism isn’t really a thing in Belize. Everywhere we ate, I had to ask a variety of questions: “Does this have milk or cheese?” “The beans are vegetarian, correct?” “What’s in the smoothie?” However, it wasn’t necessarily difficult to eat vegan in Belize. For one, everyone speaks English so communication isn’t an issue. Also, a … More Belize Vegan Eats

Why Are Green Bell Peppers Always Cheaper?

Every time I go grocery shopping I notice that green bell peppers cost a couple dollars less than red/orange/yellow ones. But why? After some simple Googling, the results 1., reassured me that I wasn’t the only weirdo not just wondering about random things like the price of peppers, but actually writing about it, and 2., unveiled a surprisingly simple explanation. … More Why Are Green Bell Peppers Always Cheaper?

#15: Writer, Model and Entrepreneur Nzinga Young

This week I have a special guest on the show. Nzinga Young is a renaissance woman– she’s a freelance writer, model, and founder of Wanyama Box, a service that allows vegans to anonymously send a box of vegan treats to friends/family.

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