#31: Crystal Pang Can Find Vegan Food Anywhere (@veganeatsnyc)

This week we have NYC’s biggest and baddest vegan foodie: Crystal Pang, aka Vegan Eats NYC. She’s a Queens native, NYU student, and magician; she can find vegan food at the most unlikely locations. We chat about growing up in Queens, her Singaporean background, finding vegetarianism as a prepubescent girl, her cooking failures, and more. Listen … More #31: Crystal Pang Can Find Vegan Food Anywhere (@veganeatsnyc)

#30: What Is Recovery?

Everyone talks about recovery, but what is it exactly? In this episode I discuss the definition of recovery, tips on how to recover faster, and what NOT to do for optimal recovery. I also get into my own mistakes/shortcomings when it comes to recovery. You can listen on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/running-vegan-nyc or on my Libsyn feed: … More #30: What Is Recovery?

#28: Getting Too Comfortable

I get some stuff off my chest this week. I chat about how I’ve been getting too comfortable in the vegan community, and why that can be dangerous. I also rant about coconut. Lol. Enjoy! You can listen on my Libsyn feed: runningveganradio.libsyn.com/28-getting-too-comfortable Intro/outro music by Ellis Delta: soundcloud.com/ellisdelta SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES SUBSCRIBE ON GOOGLE PLAY … More #28: Getting Too Comfortable

#27: Musician-turned-Culinarian @Vegicano (Rudy Ramos)

This week’s special guest is the man behind everyone’s favorite tacos & tortas. You may know him as Vegicano, but did you know he was also a touring blues musician?? After years of touring under the name Brownbird Rudy Relic, he recently decided to change careers to focus on food. He now goes by Vegicano, … More #27: Musician-turned-Culinarian @Vegicano (Rudy Ramos)